Please note: there is an error on the presentation posted on 12 March 2021 'Rare Earth Industry Association Webinar'. The word 'cease' on slide 10 should be 'seize'. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 
Date Document
28/07/2021 Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
05/07/2021 Share Purchase Plan Offer Booklet
05/07/2021 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
05/07/2021 Postcard to Shareholders - General Meeting
05/07/2021 Share Purchase Plan Opens and Despatch of Notice of Meeting
02/07/2021 Change in Substantial Holding
02/07/2021 Cleansing Notice
02/07/2021 Application for quotation of securities - ARU
02/07/2021 Completion of Tranche 1 of A$40M Placement
01/07/2021 Notification of cessation of securities - ARU
24/06/2021 Investor Presentation
24/06/2021 Proposed issue of securities - ARU
24/06/2021 Proposed issue of securities - ARU
24/06/2021 A$40 Million Share Placement with Strong Support
22/06/2021 Trading Halt
18/06/2021 Senior debt process update
26/05/2021 EU Ambassador Delegation
25/05/2021 Project Update live webcast reschedule
19/05/2021 Nolans Project Update live webcast
18/05/2021 Project Update Presentation
17/05/2021 Arafura commits to sustainable supply of rare earths
13/05/2021 Federal Ministers pledge support for Nolans
11/05/2021 Nolans Project Update
07/05/2021 Senior debt process update
28/04/2021 NTG and Consulate General of Japan Seminar
22/04/2021 Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
21/04/2021 Optimisation of project and execution strategy
12/03/2021 Rare Earth Industry Association Webinar
04/03/2021 Appendix 2A
04/03/2021 Exercise of unquoted options
24/02/2021 Half Year Accounts
09/02/2021 Mineral Leases granted by NT Government secures Borefield
09/02/2021 Change in Director's Interest Notice
08/02/2021 Appendix 2A
08/02/2021 Vesting and exercise of performance rights
28/01/2021 Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
21/01/2021 Completion of test work and metallurgical updates
11/01/2021 Response to ASX Price and Volume Query