NdPr Rare Earths

The rare earths Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium (Pr) are common in the earth’s crust but are hard to find in economic quantities and even more complex to extract. One of the world’s largest and richest NdPr deposits is the cornerstone of Arafura’s Nolans Project in the Northern Territory.

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The Nolans Project

The Nolans Project covers a proposed NdPr mine and processing operation 90 minutes’ north of Alice Springs. Nolans could supply up to 10 per cent of the world’s demand for NdPr when in full production.

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Rare Earth Magnets Are Vital To A Clean Energy Future

NdPr is a key raw material used in the automotive, portable electronics, clean energy, aerospace and healthcare sectors. The fastest growing and highest value market for NdPr is in rare earth permanent magnets. These magnets are three times stronger than, and a tenth the size of, conventional magnets. They are one of the reasons why everyday items have become smaller, lighter, more mobile, more efficient and more affordable.

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The Nolans Project Key Figures

680 million USD capital cost
30+ years mine life
3.6  ktpa NdPr oxide
110  ktpa phosphoric acid

Share Price $0.048
Source: ASX Code: ARU Delayed 20 minutes

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