Communities & Cultural Awareness


Arafura’s relationship with the community is an increasingly important component of our business. Our reputation as a valued corporate citizen and community conscious organisation has been achieved by consistently working closely with our neighbours and we are committed to continuing this. The future will depend on our ability to maintain our social license to develop, operate and close mines consistent with stakeholders’ expectations.

We will continue to work with neighbours, employees, indigenous groups, and other stakeholders to add value to the communities in the Company’s operational areas. We will demand leadership from our people in social responsibility and will ensure that appropriate policies, standards, and practices are in place and followed.

In establish partnerships, we focus on the following priorities:

  • Open, meaningful, and transparent communication.
  • Regular engagement with our neighbours.
  • Participation in community activities.
  • Support for community initiatives.
  • Effective response to community concerns.
  • Respect for indigenous culture and aspirations.

Cultural Awareness

The Nolans Project site contains areas of unique cultural significance for local indigenous people that are important to protect. Arafura is committed to collaborating with the local indigenous community to ensure that these sites are properly preserved. We will continue to actively consult with traditional landowners and relevant land councils about our operational intentions and ensure that we maintain and respect this cultural heritage.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Respect the social and cultural rights of traditional land owners.
  • Continue to maintain positive, effective, meaningful, and transparent communication.
  • Consult with the people whose country may be affected by our activities.
  • Engage with relevant indigenous groups on sustainable community projects.
  • Carry out surveys at proposed exploration and operational areas to assess cultural heritage.
  • Develop strategies to avoid or minimise impact on identified sites and cultural places.
  • Develop and implement indigenous awareness programs for all employees and contractors that are aligned to the local region.