Why an EIS?

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a report that assesses the feasibility of a project by conducting thorough technical studies of potential environmental, social and economic impacts, and proposes feasible ways to manage them.

EIS Terms of Reference

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority released Terms of Reference for the Nolans Project EIS in May 2015. The Terms of Reference outlines all matters required to be addressed in the EIS. 

Nolans Project EIS

In recognition of the unique set of challenges posed by developing a rare earths project in Central Australia, Arafura commenced cultural heritage and baseline environmental studies at the Nolans site in 2006. The scope and intensity of these studies varied over time to reflect the availability of resources and development timeline. In February 2015 Arafura appointed GHD, one of the world's leading professional service companies, to coordinate the balance of the environmental studies and write the draft EIS. GHD has been assisted by specialist consultants in the areas of social impact assessment, economic analysis, groundwater sustainability, radiation management and cultural heritage.

In advance of submitting the draft EIS to the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NTEPA), Arafura hosted Community Information Sessions in Alice Springs and at Ti Tree in late-April 2016 and released an EIS Summary.

The draft EIS was lodged with the NTEPA in May 2016 and was subject to an eight-week public review period that ended in July 2016. Individual chapters that comprise the main EIS document as well as the supporting technical appendices can be downloaded below. Twenty stakeholder groups submitted over 500 comments to the NTEPA during the public review. Sixteen of these groups are Northern Territory and Australian Government agencies.

Arafura prepared responses to these comments, and lodged a comprehensive supplement to the draft EIS with the NTEPA in February 2017. The NTEPA  requested further data and information to better inform its assessment process, and following the commissioning and completion of additional focused studies during mid-2017, Arafura submitted a report in late-October that complements the supplement.

The NTEPA is now in the final stages of its environmental impact assessment of the Nolans Project. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 whereupon the NTEPA will produce an assessment report (that includes recommendations) as advice to the Northern Territory Ministers for Environment and Natural Resources, and Primary Industry and Resources, for consideration in environmental approval decisions subsequently made by the Northern Territory Government.

EIS Report

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Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

EIS Enquiries

For more information on the Nolans Project EIS, please contact our General Manager for Northern Territory & Sustainability:

Brian Fowler

Phone:  +618 8947 5588
Email: eis@arultd.com